You’re History – DVD


The DVD’s have been edited using the best pieces across the 3 shows, see the below listing. If your child was absent from any of their dance’s on the list please contact Emma.

Opening – Sun matinee
Florence Nightingale (Junior Contemporary) – Sun eve
Walt Disney (Teeny Street) – Sat eve
John Lennon (8+ ballet) – Sat eve
Zola Budd (Senior street) – Sat eve
Neil Armstrong (Youth Cheer) – Sun matinee
Muhammad Ali (Sat mini street) – Sat eve
Isaac Newton (Acro 2) – Sat eve
Stephen Hawking (Senior Cont) – Sun eve
William Shakespeare (mini ballet) -Sat eve
Victor Hugo (stage) – Sat eve
Rosa Parks (drama) – Sun matinee
Who will you be? (Junior street) – Sun eve
Charles Darwin (weds mini street) – Sat eve
Henry VIII (Youth Cont) – Sat eve
John Barnardo (Tap) – Sat eve
Margot Fonteyn (Acro 1) – Sun matinee
Pocahontas (Junior Cont) – Sat eve
Emmeline Pankhurst (Drama) – Sat eve
Ghandi (Junior/Senior Cheer) – Sat eve
Alexander Graham Bell (Youth Street) – Sat eve
Emmeline Pankhurst (Senior Cont) – Sat eve
Joseph (Stage) – Sun eve
Medals – Sun eve



@titudeDance Show – You’re History – DVD

Copies will be handed out at the regular classes.